We produce proprietary, microbially-
infused fertilizer to promote drought
resistance, pathogen suppression, and
improve soil quality, by recycling
agricultural waste in our patent-pending
bioreactors that augment the microbial
communities of the fertilizer using
machine learning.


We have developed functional bioreactors that can convert organic waste into fertilizer. These bioreactors are computer operated and are designed to collect data on the chemistry, moisture, and temperature (CMT) of the waste. The computer transfers this information to our data repository and then injects microbial slurries into the waste when CMT parameters reach a threshold, which allows us to engineer our fertilizers to produce maximal plant health and growth benefits.
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Kill human pathogens
and dry out waste
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Remove metals and
embed microbe mix
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Machine Learning
Our algorithms
determines the best
conditions to add
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We engineer a
proprietary microbe mix
to maximize fertilizer
benefits to plants


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Earnest Earth is developing solutions to the animal  science industry. If you want to learn more about our product and research, or have any type of question, feel free to reach out to us.

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Shopping Basket

Earnest Fertilizer
5lb. Bag

We use composting and earthworms to break down cattle manure to create Earnest Fertilizer. This is great for flowering or vegetating plants. This product is not effective for cacti or orchids. A portion of the profits goes to local farmers and the rest helps us continue to build upon our existing developed technology.

Earnest Potting Soil

We use composting and earthworms to break down cattle manure creating compost that is the base for our all natural potting soil. Our soil is great for starting plants and for growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables to their fullest potential.

NextGen Fertilizer

We are currently building our technology in order to create microbially-engineered fertilizers that can reliably provide valuable benefits to applied plants such as drought and pathogen resistance, improved yield, and accelerated flowering time.