Importance of Fertilizer

Fertilizer plays a major role in the agriculture industry, not just in farming but also in gardening and harvesting. Fertilizers are used daily by the families and farmers to help gardens and crops grow. All the nutrients in our food mostly come from the soil. To create healthy crops, farmers do need to work with healthy soil and fertilizer is something that makes the soil healthy. Soils naturally contain a lot of nutrients and these nutrients are what allows plants to grow. If soils are missing these nutrients, then plants suffer from nutrients deficiency and stop growing. When the nutrient level is too low, the plants cannot function properly and produce the food necessary to feed the world’s population and that’s where fertilizers come in.

Nutrients can be added from a variety of fertilizer for example, organic and inorganic. Organic fertilizers are made from natural and organic materials like manure and compost. Inorganic fertilizer includes nitrogen, phosphate, phosphorus, and potassium. Farmers usually turn to these fertilizers because all these substances contain plant nutrients. Fertilizers are something that has been used since the start of agriculture. Most farmers today prefer to use fertilizers that are either mined or manufactured. The use of fertilizer is expensive and can also harm the environment if not used correctly especially inorganic fertilizers. Farmers usually send a soil sample to a laboratory for testing to know which nutrients and how much to apply to the soil. Gardeners and farmers are very careful in adding fertilizer because even too little is added the crops or plants will not produce as much as they should. Fertilizers are crucial to the security of the world’s food supply, and they must be used properly.

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