What Is Vermicomposting?

Vermicomposting is an easy way to help our environment by reducing waste. It is a win-win situation for both us and worms. Vermicomposting is a type of composting in which certain species of earthworms are used to enhance the process of organic waste conversion and produce a better end-product. It’s a convenient way to dispose of organic waste, such as fruit or vegetable scraps, and also reduces your carbon footprint because your food isn’t contributing to overfilling landfills. You could even use this compost to feed and provide nutrients to your home garden and indoor plants. Composting is a great way to recycle your food into a rich and nutrient-filled soil addition. For worms, it gives them a healthy and bountiful home with all of the free food they could ever need. If you’re worried about the smell, have no fear. Focus on properly setting up your compost bin and caring for your earthworms; smell should not be a problem!

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